Be The First Lady in Your Life!!

Be The First Lady in Your Life!!

Greetings Angels,

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama is undoubtedly a principled, brilliant, & beautiful trailblazer.  She reminds us of how honoring ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and environmentally, enables us serve with passion and show up as a true partner, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.   Her commitment to arresting childhood obesity, prevents the occurrence of diabetes in children and in time adults.  Her Let’s Move” initiative  sends a signal to the universe that it is time to change course.  Not only does our tendency toward overindulgence and aversion to exercise, lead to dis-ease, it impedes our ability to embrace our heart’s desire.  Our momentum to manifest our destiny is stagnated by a congested colon, clogged arteries, and insufficient oxygen.

Let’s open our heart’s, minds, and tummies to the idea of befriending water, fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.  Visit our store for 100% natural formulations designed to detoxify and rebuild our body temples from head to toe, making our red blood cells receptors for the highest nutritional value whole foods have to offer.  Also, our manual for healthier living, “PIT STOP FOR WELLNESS: Driving Your ENERGY Forward is available for download here.

Contact us and receive Mother’s Day Gift Certificates for THE PIT STOP FOR WELLNESS® ADVANTAGE, an extraordinary 50 minute conversation centered around the most important person in your life, YOU!!


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