A Gateway to Gratitude

A Gateway to Gratitude


I am grateful for:

The wisdom to employ self care, before tending to the needs of others*

The Universe is forever orchestrating my good.*
Abundance pours into my life, in a myriad of miraculous ways*
My heart feels safe and secure*
Time is my friend.  All of my priorities are accomplished with ease*
I look in the mirror and I love what I see*
The love and joy inside me are magnified in the company of family and friends*
I shine from within and see it reflected all around me*
I am in love with this moment and this moment is in love with me*
God is the source of my supply.  I am aligned with this supply, remaining conscious of my true worth*
I release drama from my life and draw energy from peace*
People enjoy paying me for my creativity*
I say no, to what doesn’t support my evolution*
I engage in activities that make time seem to fly*
I change the channel, to keep peaceful thoughts running through me*
I dwell in the present, where miracles are made to marry me*
Love embraces me, wherever I turn*
I deeply love and appreciate who I am*
Free of debris, is the sea within me.

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