Balance Your Heart With Art…

Balance Your Heart With Art…

Hello Angels,

Our summer is off and running in terms of sizzle.  The “Harlem Book Fair” is on tap for next weekend, providing us with another opportunity to hear from writers, poets, and lovers of literature, who savor the written word.

We have all heard how cathartic writing can be and the same holds true for other forms of artistic expression.  Clearly, “A-R-T” is required to spell “H-E-A-R-T.”  When we provide our hearts with the sufficient time to express artistically, the yin/yang balance is restored.  Many of us are driven to the point where we are burnt out or on the verge of doing so.  While our bodies demand more & love and attention, our actions demonstrate that societal expectations rank higher in order of importance.  Stifling our desire to express artistically creates a climate for inner dis-cord and dis-ease, if left unchecked.

Do you remember how practicing your art fed the rest of your life?  Let’s give more credence to what our bodies are calling for. Hence,  cooking counts; dancing counts; singing counts; sewing counts, performing counts; drumming counts; drawing counts; journaling counts; WE COUNT.  Let’s do the thing that makes our hearts sing and watch the clouds make room for the sunshine!

Pit Stop for Wellness, LLC has added ART THERAPY to it’s menu of services.  To ensure that our creative juices continue to flow, workshops, coaching services, and inspirational pieces are on tap to do just that.  Nourish yourself in a new way today!

Also, our manual for healthier living, “PIT STOP FOR WELLNESS: Driving Your ENERGY Forward,” is available for download here.

Thank you for joining the “Movement to Improve Health Education.”  Visit our blog for more inspiration and remember that “home is where the art is.”


Pamela D. Garrison, BA, CPA, CHHC
Certified Holistic Health Coach and
Founder of Pit Stop for Wellness, LLC

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