Coaching Testimonials

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Pamela's counsel concerning my physical and emotional well being. Our usual conversation turned into a powerful counseling session when you spoke these words: “eye diseases are connected to un-forgiveness”. Pamela opened my “eyes” to the connection between my health and my family issues. She also made me aware of the life changes I need to make in order to obtain optimum health. Her recommendations on the changes I need to make within my family; with dieting; using alternative treatments were invaluable.

Valary Jones
Valary Jones CPA

I've made quite a bit of progress in our sessions. I've paid attention to what Pamela said but also the way that she talked to me and the questions that she asked me so that I can potentially borrow these practices with any future clients. Pamela has helped me identify priorities and to clearly look at the alignment between my priorities and my actions. She has helped me consciously pay attention to the spiritual world around me and how the physical world is affecting me and I am affecting the physical world. Pamela asked probing questions, related to me and repeated back to me what I've said to her in an objective way so that I can hear my own words.

Susan Billingsley
Susan Billingsley Marketing Executive

Pamela Garrison is truly gracious in the way she conducts her teleconferencing to Integrative Nutrition students. As a student at IIN, I was going into an unknown territory. I had no coaching experience and no experience in nutrition or health, except for practicing yoga and regular exercise. Pamela truly made her best effort to get to know me. I always felt that I was listened to and had an empathetic ear. As a professional, I would say her best attributes include compassion, directness, thoughtfulness and intuition. Her sense of spirituality is so genuine you know she is smiling at you!

Michael Hyannis
Michael Hyannis Health Coach

Working with Pamela has been a wonderful and valuable experience. While working with her I have been able to greatly improve my relationships with my in-laws and now feel much closer to them. Her words of wisdom and compassionate listening have been a tremendous asset to my life as a whole. I would recommend for anyone looking to improve their life work with her.

Courtney P.
Courtney P. Personal Trainer

My sessions with you have really helped me. In the last 6 months, my life has been a huge roller coaster ride. You have helped me accept things in my life and helped me realize the things that i needed to change. Your words have encouraged me to do better for myself. I left a home and situation that was making me unhappy, a job that was not financially suitable and moved back to New York to take control of my life again.

Julie Fernandez
Julie Fernandez Legal Assistant

I have loved knowing Pamela and have woven her coaching into my coaching.

Julea Gulbranson
Julea Gulbranson Health Coach

I have found Pamela D. Garrison to be a very loving and compassionate person for God and his people. Miss Garrison serves God and his people with humility and expectation for recovery. I have seen her help many people with the help of God. She an expert in her field and is so willing to serve. My name is Rev. Charles E. Cooper, Associate Minister of New Hope Baptist Church. I preside over the Narcotics and Substance Abuse Ministry. I am the coordinator from our church for the Midwestern Connecticut Council Alcoholism Ministry. Miss Garrison has served with me at MCCA to help God’s people free themselves from their addictions and develop a brighter start in life. Miss Garrison knows how to meet a person where they are, by encouraging them to want to help themselves. It is a real pleasure working with her.

Rev. Charles E. Cooper
Rev. Charles E. Cooper

Early on in my sessions with Pamela Garrison, it became apparent to me that I was in the hands of someone who believes deeply in the magnetizing magic of honoring one’s big vision in service of not only oneself but also for the benefit of many others. Pamela Garrison’s coaching modeled for me how one can balance great self-confidence with humility – foundations for success and wellness on all levels. Her open-hearted attention, unyielding belief in me, prayerfulness and brilliance served not only to lead me further along the exciting and expanding path toward the fulfillment of my goals, but also to expand my vision for myself and the world community.

Tiffany Miller
Tiffany Miller Artist