“Tasting your FAITH, spoils your appetite for anything less.”

This week my coaching session focused on identifying my target market.  Out of this session came the following realization:  my target market encompasses human beings, who, like me,  have determined that their work is out of  alignment with their passion and are in need of someone to support thier evolution.

During the same session, my coach said  “the word FAITH, comes to mind.”  Later, it ocurred to me that I was inspired to create a prayer box (shown) to reinforce one’s FAITH.  This prayer box was presented to my pastor, Rev. Ivan Pitts’ mother, who was experiencing a health challenge at the time.  I was reminded that FAITH is the key to reaching my target market.

Meditating on the word FAITH caused the following expression to surface:

“Tasting your FAITH, spoils your appetite for anything less.”

Reading Iyanla Vanzant’s, “PEACE FROM BROKEN PIECES,” which I highly recommend, prompted me to look for what she has written the subject of FAITH.  An excerpt of which appears below:

It is important to know what experiences to put your faith in.  If you have an unpleasant experience, have faith that you will learn something new, useful, or productive.  When  you have a pleasant or productive experience, have faith that you can duplicate the experience and make it better.  Have faith that your mind and heart will always open to bigger, better experiences than those you have already had.

Until today, you may not have realized that your faith and your experiences work hand and hand.  Just for today, use your faith to create better exepriences.  Use your experiences to activate a deeper sense of faith.  ~Iyanlya Vanzant

Savor your FAITH!




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