Welcome to Pit Stop For Wellness

Welcome to Pit Stop For Wellness

I pay homage to the Universe, for the doors to my website are now open, positioning me to serve humanity as a Healer expressing as, a wellness coach, massaage therapist, poet, painter, prayer box designer (collection featured on website), writer, & publisher of giclee prints entitled, “A Marriage Made in Heaven,” designed in-house and painted by Toni L. Taylor.

You will discover through 1:1 interactions, reading testimonials and our e-book, “Pit Stop for Wellness: Driving Your Energy Forward,” that we foster self empowerment. Blogging & Wellnesss & Success Coaching also aid in doing so by wholly listening, affirming your intentions with a sense of humor, and asking carefully placed questions that result in you having eureka moments, as the answers begin to surface..

Shine, as you and your endeavors continue to unfold!

Prosper in Peace,

Pamela D. Garrison

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